2 years old

You are two years old!
and you celebrate it whole summer
with your family in Czech you had 3 cakes and celebrations and many other little celebrations
made my heart full to see You with your family for the very first time
and it hurts me so much to see You sad and crying when we had to leave,or when we are ending our skype call with family now...

You got new earrings and you are potty trained
I'm sure it helped that you were naked whole summer long,running around outside)
I still give you diaper at night and when we going outside
but that's just my laziness... and also I still want diapers on you sometimes!YOU ARE MY BABY!)

I'm so happy that you still love nursing <3
we love You,we adore You,You are You and You made our life full of joy,the way we could not imagine ever
You are telling me every day that You love me and that I'm beautiful
You come not once every day,asking for kiss,hug,nursing...and no doubt I enjoy that very much so

we call You our huggy monster ,which goes with You so well
Love You our huggy monster <3

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Stacy said...

love as always