Recipe for quinoa-rice casserole

For this recipe I use these ingredients ,but you can skip some of them-carrots,mung beans,asparagus...I just made up this recipe like this because this is what I had at home,as I was mixing all in a baking dish I realize its ready to eat as it is-great salad,you can skip yogurt mix and just add any vegetable,I would add some lemon juice and feta cheese and have it as a salad...

chopped broccoli
chopped asparagus
grated carrots-2
hand full of mung beans
1 cup of quinoa
1,5 cup of brown rice
1 white life yogurt
fine grated cheese

spices you like I add-sweet paprika,cumin,parsley,indian masala,turmeric,salt...

Rice,this is how I do it-olive oil,spoon of masala after couple seconds rice,after 20 seconds water(salt)-1cup rice=1,5 cup water=perfect rice)as rice start boiling I bring it to low and simmer till done-10-15 minutes?I never watch time...this time I put all broccoli and asparagus pieces on the rice,so it simmered too-covered.
Quinoa make as recipe on your quinoa,I add little turmeric and handful of organic mung beans.
Fine grated carrots waiting in baking dish.
I mixed 1 organic white yogurt,with 1,5 cup of water+spices and garlic+ fine grated mozzarella.

Mix all together in baking dish,I bake it just maybe 15 minutes,we had it with green salad and tomatoes. I'm using organic stuff mostly lately. Enjoy)

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