Day 55,February 24|2013

Just a quick snap before you went to have fun with daddy
mommy had session today
You were asking what kind of cd I will play today
I told you Adele 19
You asked if we can play that
when my favorite song -Make you feel me love- was on You said
"Mom this song is so beautiful,I think you will capture best picture today when this song will be on"
I love You so much

Rychla fotka nez jste sli s tatkou pryc dnes
ja jsem fotila
ptala jsi se jake cd bude dnes pri foceni hrat
rekla jsem ti ze adele 19
chtela jsi si ji pustit
kdyz zacla hrat moje nejoblibenejsi picnicka "Make You feel my love" rekla jsi
"Mami tohle je tak krasna picnicka,ja si myslim ze az tahle dnes bude hrat ze vyfotis nejkrasnejsi fotku!"
Jsi muj milacek

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