~ Day 4,January 4 | 2013~

You love helping daddy in the barn

he gave you a horse couple days a go,You are so happy)
today daddy pulled his tooth out...its your treasure
you want to put it under the pillow tonight
You think tooth fairy will be amazed by this huge tooth and she may give you many many many presents...will see...)

Moc rada pomahas tatkovi ve staji

pred par dny ti dal kone,jsi moc stastna,porad mi to opakujes ze je jen tvuj)
dnes mu tata vytrhnul zub,je to tvuj poklad
chces si ho dat pod polstar dnes v noci
myslis si ze zoubkova vila z nej bude uplne vedle zeje tak velky a ze dostanes spoustu darecku-uvidime)

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Anya said...

This photo is amazing Veronika! I love it :)