Day 30,January 30 | 2013

Light,something so common,yet so very interesting and never same
You like to play with it just like your sister
you like to play with flash light or shadow game and you are both obsessed with candles

Svetlo,tak obycejne a preci tak zajimave a nikdy stejne

rada si hrajes se svetlem,stejne jako tvoje segra,ve tme radi svitite baterkou nebo hrajeme stinovou hru,obe milujete kdyz mame zapalene svicky

3 komentářů:

Gabi said...

Dalsi nadherna fotka, Verco! Osvetleni je naprosto skvele!

Shannon baker said...

Dear Veronika,
I have been following your blog and your daily photos. Just want to say how stunningly beautiful and inspiring they are. Thanks for sharing! The one from today is espcially beautiful. You are so talented.
I am going to London to do the workshop with Carrie Britney from Baby As Art - so excited.
Keep well and look forward to buy some stuff in your next sale.
Warm regards from South Africa, Cape Town
Shannon Baker

veronika said...

Diky moc Gabi!)
Shannon!thank you very much for your beautiful words!!
Have fun with Carie and Britt you will have a blast and learn so much!!)))