Day 17,January 17 | 2013


we had unexpected visitor,our neighbor's cat,You were jumping up high so happy and exited,I had to open our glass door for while so we can pet him and say hi,we gave him some ham-he didn't wanted and decided to leave

my pure,special,delicate baby

tears started falling of your eyes

You didn't understand why did he leave,it make you so sad

my pure,special,delicate baby

so often I'm thinking about your future on this world and hope it will be safe,fair nice and full of love

meli jsme necekanou navstevu,sousedovic kocku,byla jsi tak nadsena,vyskala a skakala jsi,musela jsem na chvilku otevrit dvere aby jsme ho mohli pohladit ,daly jsme mu kousek sunky,nechtel a rozhodl se ze pujde zase dal
moje ciste,jedinecne,jemne miminko
slzy ti okamzite zacly tect po tvari
tak casto premyslim o tve budoucnosti na tomhle svete,doufam ze bude bezpecna,ferova a plna lasky

3 komentářů:

Rachelle said...

I love this series - - such a kind hearted little you have to be so concerned about traveling kitty. Beautifully captured.

irisp said...

I love these, so beautiful!

veronika said...

thank you very much both of you!!))