Free lens

I was going to practice free lensing and you simply decided that you have to be in the frame- Il'l take that anytime)

Gingerbread houses

We made couple gingerbread houses when baking our gingerbread cookies this year
today we finally hang them on the window

Salt dough ornaments

This is another fun Christmas project to do with kids

1cup of salt,2 cups of flour and 1 cup of warm water
bake for 1 hour at 200F

Nativity set made with love

Another Christmas craft we enjoy very much
it also makes great gift for family members
I used hot glue and just cut it roughly what kids draw

My kids love this Advent calendar

we made gingerbread,we hang it,we eat it,every day one,just like every year)

First Advent Sunday

We had awesome evening and dinner with friends
burning first candle today

Book Advent calendar

I'm getting myself in troubles with all new Christmas traditions
my 5 years old remember all of them from each year
so there is no way back)

They love this one very much,my kids are book worms <3

Its coming...

Our Christmas treasures coming together…
I love to learn and telling my kids all about old traditional Czech Christmas
all about Jesus
how people were using simple stuff they had to make Christmas ornaments
dried apples and other fruit,decorated oranges,gingerbread,all kind of berries and nuts..
crafting together and waiting for celebration of His Birthday


Looking back to some of our Christmas crafts and traditions
thinking what we are going to do this year
my daughter remember all of it and want to do it again+ I have some new ideas
we will be busy in cold,snowy days,yay))

Claudia and her sunshine Miss M.

Session from last year,Im really behind blogging..
it was amazing very last day of beautiful Ontario fall and I had great time with my friends)